Rivera-Ramos, Design for the Art of Living:  Historic Elegance and Refinement for the Modern Age... 

The concept behind this design company stems from my passions of art and design, as well as a major appreciation for fine, high quality textiles, which represent my personal ancestral heritage and history.  My work illustrates Spanish, Moroccan and Elizabethan/Renaissance detail and composition, together with my sense of modern culture, to create timeless and well informed collections. The forms highlight history and together inform my hand to draw and elegantly present the finished products. These bespoke items, interiors, landscapes and services are the bridge to greater causes close to my heart and soul; through my own product line I have been able to do the greater work that inspires me as well. Please visit www.TheNobleLine.com for more information and how to purchase products available to support important noble causes.

* True Nobility may be achieved when we know our place in service to one another, and those causes which help the world attain its grace. 

Joseph A. Rivera-Ramos
"Artist, philosopher, urban ecologist, and man of service, Rivera-Ramos is an active member of the community, and a person concerned with the people who shall inherit the world beyond us."      
                                                                          - Finger Lakes Times, Art and Ecology Article 2013.

May 15, 2017

The Stickley Museums, "On My Own Time" Art Exhibition for the Everson Museum competition

Stickley is a part of American History, and an extension of the historic Mission Arts and Crafts movement, stemming from the Medieval periods of England.  When I worked for Stickley, Audi and Co., as their textile and Resource Librarian, I learned so much about Craft and about Myself.  I was invited to join the ranks of the great Artists featured at the Stickley Museum and the Everson Museum, as part of the Employee exhibitions "On My Own Time" , featuring works by talented artists and craftsmen employed by Stickley. 

Mar 21, 2017

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

My college paper highlighted my work and progress beyond graduating.  President Mark and Mary Gearan, the College Presidents wife and partner in service, has been a great supporter of my art and products since 

May 05, 2017

Support Noble Causes

Supporting Noble Causes

The Noble Line is my product line devoted to raising funds for the 'Noble Causes' closest to my family and heart.  These organizations have either helped me or my family, or benefit the great cause of sustaining human life on our beautiful planet.  I have selected these organizations because I either support or have been a part of their missions in my life time.  I invite you to support them while purchasing a special piece to represent your gift here at TheNobleLine.com   

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