Commissioned Ink and Water Color Drawings


Allow me the pleasure of creating a timeless rendering of your home or favorite places. I can sketch and draw from life or from a photo you send me.

I began drawing as many of us do, as a young child and fell in love with creating entire worlds with the movement of a pen on paper.  I love capturing real life images which will be appreciated by my patrons over their lifetimes, and an heirloom for those who inherit them.   

I have become well known for my renderings of college buildings, hotels, castles and private homes throughout the Finger Lakes Region, like my once mentor, the late Yolanda Schofield. Like Mrs. Schofield, I love the classic use of pen and ink on high quality paper, and share a passion for the etchings and drawings of Peranesi, and artist of the mid 16th Century.  I had the pleasure of curating a show for Mrs. Schofield at the Geneva Historical Society, and from that point on I knew I would follow her lead and find inspiration from the amazing architecture and geography of the region.  

Recently, I have begun drawing some sites in the NYC area and hope to place them on this site soon.