Frame over Buddha Mask/Panels
I installed these printed four panels of my hand drawn motif and placed a mask of Buddha over them at center, all framed in an elegant, floating black frame.
Hand-made and painted works
A beautifully detailed hand made flower arrangement by PaperHillary, set in a hand-painted wrought iron urn, set next to a hand-sculpted plaster bust wrapped in a silk satin textile, hand-drawn by me. She is crowned with an elegant baroque natural pearl necklace by our Jeweler Cherine.
Console table set for client
Designs can vary from highly detailed motifs to simple and minimalist expressions of the clients interests and needs, as shown here.
Textiles, Wallpapers, and Jewels
We develop a story with the information and desires of our patrons. That is carried through their entire lifestyle and fashioned exclusively for them.
Artistic Design Installations
Creative, elegant and thrifty design installations are just a matter of looking at your space in a new way. We assist in offering our views with your needs.
Your Exclusive Motif Applied to Silk
With our free consultation you receive the option of three designs ready to be applied to products of all types. We work with Robert Keyte Silk Mill in England, to print and produce amazing, high quality one-of-a-kind pieces or limited print works for your design needs.
Classic Design Installations
Whether we are working with heritage and heirloom antiques, or newly crafted pieces, we will put together the appropriate vignettes for you throughout your home, reflecting who you are in a seamless and casual way.
Motifs Applied to All Products
Whether it is a silk scarf or a set of candles, we offer you subtle. yet elegant, accent pieces for your wardrobe, home and office.
Framed Gift of Your Original Motif
As a thank you for allowing me the pleasure of designing for you, I present you the original exclusive design, framed and ready to hang in your space. It is always a pleasure to give you my time and talent for your loyal support.
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We work closely with amazing designers, printing companies and manufactures to produce, what Rivera-Ramos finds to be, exceptional quality and exquisitely refined   Objet d'art.  

The team that is putting together your products is a collection of craftsmen and women, whose goals are to create and make heirloom level pieces for you and your loved ones to appreciate over generations.


Some of the people we have partnered with  include Robert Keyte Silk Mill, Mary-Theresa with Regal Threads Bespoke Clothing, Cherine from Magic of the East, Hillary from PaperHillary and UNRULY Collective, Jen Paynter -an expert and local Silver and Gold and Copper Smith Jeweler, and Bobbie Hororwitz - an expert on color numerology and balancing your ensemble, to best reflect who you are.     

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Exclusive Bespoke Pattern Ensemble

This Pocket Square and Bow-Tie pairing was created for a member of the Accessories Council of NY, for their annual Gala.