Landscape and Interior Design Consultations and Installations

Garden Design Install, Ceramic Urn
Garden Design Install, Ceramic Urn

Riverdale Home
Riverdale Home

The clients had commissioned me to come up with a lower maintenance and greater visual value to the front of their house. I removed overgrown challenging rose bushes, as well as presented and installed a more linear and four season approach to their entry walk way, bringing the eye to the front door adding architectural curb appeal.

Painting During the Day
Painting During the Day

I worked for about a couple weeks developing the right balance and composition, aside from the overall design, construction and installation process which was about a months worth of work.

Garden Design Install, Ceramic Urn
Garden Design Install, Ceramic Urn



In college I majored in Urban Studies and Architecture, and minored in Art History, and had the pleasure of working on many magnificent landscape projects for professors. This inspired my work beyond college, and for many years I owned and operated a landscape design company outside of Boston, working on many private and civic projects.


My passions have led me here now, putting these skills to use in other ways; drawing-up and presenting my clients with well balanced design concepts, and extending that through their wardrobes, home and work spaces, as well as their gardens.

Door Frame Detail
Door Frame, Barn Door and Wall
Antique Gold Details and Accessories
Carved Wood and Granite Vanity
Custom Mounted Painting
Completed Painting Fully Framed
Powder Room Before
Powder Room After
Vignette with bust and books
Red Leather Panel Installation
Antique Candelabra, Bust and Books
Basement Office Design Installation
Living Room Office Bookcase
Floating Frame / Printed Wall Paper
Red Bespoke Panel Doors
Printed Hand-Drawn Table Cloth
Printed Hand-Drawn Napkins
Custom Artwork for Design Studio
Bespoke Doors and Custom Art